Spain stops selling bombs to Saudi Arabia

This 11 May 2018 video says about itself:

Children buried: Saudi strike in Yemen produces heartbreaking images

Six civilians are dead and another injured in Yemen after an airstrike said to be carried out by the Saudi-led coalition hit a family home. The rescue efforts produced dramatic and jarring images of children trapped under the rubble. RT America’s Dan Cohen has this report. WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Spain stops delivery of bombs to Saudi Arabia because of war in Yemen

Spain has halted the supply of bombs to Saudi Arabia because of concerns about their use in Yemen. The Spanish Ministry of Defense confirms the news to Spanish media, but does not publish any details.

Spain signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia in 2015 on the sale of 400 laser-controlled bombs. 9.2 million euros were paid for this. The Spanish government of Prime Minister Sánchez now wants to cancel the contract and return the money. According to Amnesty International, Spain is one of the main suppliers of war material to the Gulf state.

At least one improvement after the downfall of the corrupt right-wing minority government in Spain, succeeded by Sánchez’s social democratic minority government. Though it would have been still a bigger improvement if Sánchez would have scrapped the record expenses for militarism of his predecessors’ budget.

School bus

Saudi Arabia fights in the bloody Yemeni civil war in a coalition with Sunni alliesSaudi Arabia recently admitted that an air strike by the coalition on a school bus in Yemen, where dozens of children died last month, was not militarily justified.

Human rights organizations have condemned the sale of weapons by Western countries to Saudi Arabia for some time. … According to the United Nations, the war in Yemen, where more than 22 million people lack basic necessities, is currently the most serious humanitarian crisis in the world.

12 thoughts on “Spain stops selling bombs to Saudi Arabia

    • Indeed. British GDP would not go down if the ‘defense’ industries would be re-directed to peaceful production, as already proposed decades ago by the Lucas Aerospace workers. Thanks for reblogging!


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