Zoo-born vultures doing well in wild Sardinia

This 10 January 2018 video from Artis zoo in Amsterdam in the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Today two young griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) are going from ARTIS to Sardinia to be released in the wild later this year. The birds hatched in April and May last year in ARTIS. One young bird was cared for by a same-sex male griffon vulture couple. The other vulture is the offspring of two vultures which had been injured in the wild in Spain and – after having partially recovered – were admitted to ARTIS.

Things are going well for these two young vultures, freed on 14 April 2018, Artis reports:

The vultures initially stayed in the vicinity of the protected area in the Parco Regionale di Porto Conte, where they were fed carcasses. The young vultures from ARTIS stayed in the vicinity of the location where they were freed for the first ten days. Around 24 April they both flew to the south and joined a colony of about 140-160 griffon vultures there.

The ARTIS vultures mix well with the other griffon vultures. They fly along with the colony, and are usually seen together at the feeding place. One of the two birds, the female, is very dominant and actively defends her place near a carcass, or at a shadowy spot under a tree.

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