Amsterdam zoo gets art, stuffed birds

Omnibus before the entrance of Artis, by N.M. Wijdoogen

This painting is by Dutch artist Nicolaas Martinus Wijdoogen. According to Wikipedia, it is not known exactly when he was born (1824?; or 1814?), or when he died (1898?). We do know that he had an exhibition in Amsterdam in 1848. He is said to have worked in Amsterdam until about 1852.

So, he probably painted this horsebus near the entrance of Artis zoo about 1850. The zoo had been founded rather recently then, in 1838.

Artis entrance today

This is how the Artis entrance looks today. Many things have changed, but some things still look rather similar. The horsebuses from when Wijdoogen lived are gone, of course.

Wijdoogen’s painting was recently loaned to Artis. It is exhibited in the aquarium.

Also other recently acquired art is there. Including work by Henri Verstijnen (1882-1940). He liked to paint birds and fish in Artis. Verstijnen’s granddaughter recently gave 155 of his works to the zoo.

Henri Verstijnen, Helmeted guineafowl

Other recently acquired art is by Peter Vos.

Artis acquired a stuffed birds collection as well.

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