Stop deporting refugees to Afghan war

This 30 April 2018 Dutch video is against the Dutch government deporting refugees, to the war in Afghanistan.

A petition against these deportations is here.

KABUL BLASTS At least 25 people died in twin blasts in the Afghan capital Monday, including seven journalists who raced to the scene after the first detonation. [Reuters]

On Sunday, US immigration authorities turned away some 200 Central American immigrants seeking to apply for asylum at the US-Mexico border. As the workers and youth fleeing murderous repression in countries long dominated by US imperialism chanted, “Why do they kill us, why do they punish us for seeking a better life?” US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents announced they had reached capacity and would not process the applications: here.

‘CARAVAN’ REACHES BORDER The migrant caravan that has so vexed Trump has arrived at the U.S. border, despite the White House mobilizing the National Guard. [HuffPost]

Britain: ASYLUM-SEEKERS on a deportation flight were “unnecessarily” restrained with waist belts, a shocking inspection report reveals today. The HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) report raises “serious concerns” over a January flight transporting 23 people from two immigration removal centres to Austria, Bulgaria and France: here.

THE COURT of Appeal upheld yesterday the Home Office’s decision to deport a bipolar man to Uganda despite him having lived “almost all his life” in Britain. Kennedy Mwesezi, 30, came to Britain aged two with his mother and brother and speaks only English, having returned to Uganda just “a couple of times on family holidays”: here.

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