Earth: One Amazing Day, wildlife film review

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Earth: One Amazing Day, Official TrailerBBC Earth Documentary

24 September 2017

Narrated by Robert Redford comes the long-awaited sequelEarth: One Amazing Day, from BBC Earth Films, an astonishing journey revealing the awesome power of the natural world.

On 27 January 2018, I went to see the BBC wildlife film Earth: One Amazing Day.

The theme of this beautiful film is that Earth is a very special planet, being the only known planet in the universe, as far as is known, where there is life. Not just one species of life: millions of species of animals, plants, etc.

This life on earth became possible because Earth is neither so close to its star, the sun, that it is too hot for life, nor so far away from the sun that it is too cold for life.

Earth turns around its axis, making for relatively hot daytime and relatively cold nighttime. This change, day after day, helps biodiversity, as some wildlife prefers the day, and others prefer the night.

So, every day on Earth is an ‘Amazing Day’ as special wildlife things happen day after day.

The film begins with sunrise, and ends with nighttime. The rising sun causes a giant panda in China to wake up. Meanwhile, a serval, a mainly nocturnal cat, tries to catch a rodent just after dawn in Africa. The rodent sees the threat and escapes. The serval realizes that it is time to sleep.

There is much more fine footage in the film. On the Galapagos islands, newly hatched marine iguanas try, successfully or unsuccessfully, to escape from snakes. In Africa, a young zebra manages to cross a fast flowing river with crocodiles and hippos in it. Later, its mother saves the foal from a cheetah attack.

In the South American rainforest, a hummingbird has to compete for flowers’ nectar with bees, whose stings might kill it. However, interaction between the sun and the earth’s atmosphere causes rain clouds. When the rain starts, it hinders the bees much more than the hummingbird which can now feed peacefully.

AS the film progresses, it moves closer to sunset. Monkeys in China do dangerous rock climbing to be in caves before the night, dangerous for them, falls.

Though, according to the film, all days on earth are amazing, it says one day is extra special: the day when millions of mayflies hatch in the Tisza river in Hungary, to live for just one day as adults.

Finally, the film calls on humans to take good care of all the amazing wildlife on planet Earth.

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