Galapagos marine iguanas video

This video says about itself:

Marine IguanasGalapagos Islands presents yet another Underwater Film. Please feel free to Share or Like this Video!

This was filmed in August 2013 in the Galapagos Islands. Filmed using Canon 5d Mark II, and a 15mm fisheye lens.

This was also filmed using natural light. No artificial lights were used.

The Marine Iguanas in the Galapagos Islands have adapted to swim and their diet consists of Algae and Seaweed. During the day the[y] group together and lay in the sun. They also will blow salt out of the nostrils. It is quite a sight!

The Booby birds are probably the most well-known of the birds that live on the Galapagos Islands: here.

This is a full frame image of a Red-footed booby. You can get very close to these birds and with the help of a 400 mm lens you can capture some great images. Image captured while visiting Genovesa in the Galapagos Islands: here.

Climate change threatens unique Galápagos cormorant: here.

Galapagos underwater photos: here.

26 thoughts on “Galapagos marine iguanas video

    • Indeed. Their land iguana ancestors very probably did swim in rivers, like South American iguanas do today. However, they gradually had to adapt to the sea and its salt water.


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