Sanders on why Clinton lost to Trump

This video from the USA says about itself:

27 November 2016

On the latest episode of Aggressive Progressives Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh discuss comments from Bernie Sanders on why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and the changes that need to be made to the Democratic party.

Why Hillary Clinton Lost. She wrote off working people: here.

Putin didn’t win this election for Trump. Hillary Clinton did, by Doug Henwood. Democrats would rather point to shady foreign operators than think about why Hillary Clinton will not be the one taking the oath in January: here.

Why Donald Trump won — and how Hillary Clinton lost: 13 theories explain the stunning election: here.

Why did Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party lose the 2016 election? Here.

Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes’s book, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, is an unintended exposure of the right-wing aims and methods of the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections: here.

16 thoughts on “Sanders on why Clinton lost to Trump

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  2. Here is Part Two of Congressman Alan Grayson’s national TV interview this week, talking about what went wrong for the Democrats during last month’s election:

    RT’s Lindsay France: Let’s talk about sticking to being able to lose gracefully. If they want to talk about recounts that’s one thing, but what the Democrats seem to be doing is not being able to accept it, that the white supremacists [alone] didn’t take this election away. The Democrats had a bad candidate, and the Republicans just had a nailed-on strategy. At the Harvard post-mortem, it’s a yearly thing, Kellyanne Conway and Jennifer Palmieri went at it. Palmieri accused the Trump [campaign] of promoting white supremacy. What do you think about this? Is it just feed into the narrative that DNC can’t lose [on the merits]?

    GRAYSON: The narrative is very simple. We had two of the most unpopular candidates, possibly the two most unpopular candidates for President in history, run against each other. Trevor Noah pointed out two weeks before the election that they were so blessed to be running against each other, because they are running against the one candidate they might have some chance to beat. I did a poll three days before the election in which I pitted the candidates against other candidates for the presidential race. By the way, in case you’re wondering, Bernie Sanders would have won by 12 points against Donald Trump. I had trouble finding any candidate that would’ve done worse than the actual candidates that we had. I asked people “Would you rather have voted for none of the above?”, and 40 percent said yes, meaning that “none of the above” would have won in this election. So what we’re seeing [now] is sort of a carry-over, which is going to last for a long time, of people’s anxiety. People’s sense that this was a terrible experience, that choosing our national leader has become a terrible experience. Everybody feels like their dog just died.

    LF: Most of us know what that’s like, and it’s absolutely terrible. Well, I think that as we progress through pushing officials to disclose this information, the Democrats may learn a hard lesson from Trump supporters, that their [most important] issues weren’t exactly what Democrats thought [they were]. Do you think that might be true? As information is disclosed, [are the Democrats] just missing the mark on what actually pushed Republicans to vote for Trump and even cross-over voters?

    GRAYSON: Donald Trump started this, but both sides engaged in nothing but relentless negative politics during the campaign. That’s part of what led us to a sort of a photo finish, and in the end Clinton looks to have won the popular voter by 2.5 million votes. But what it did was it robbed the public of anything resembling a genuine debate about how to make the country a better place. Trump won because he at least took a stab at addressing that issue, by saying “Let’s Make America Great Again.” It’s just an empty slogan; he doesn’t know how to do that. But people appreciated the fact that he actually wanted to broach the subject of how to make America great, how to make American number one, and that turned out be the winning argument in the states where he needed to win, just barely. But it doesn’t change the fact that we saw ad hominem, relentless negative attacks from both sides, against both sides, all through the campaign, and in the Senate races and in the House races. Our political culture is sick.

    GRAYSON: Thank you.


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