Water protectors keep opposing DAPL pipeline

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bernie Sanders Takes Standing Rock Protest To The White House

27 November 2016

Bernie Sanders went to the White House to directly implore President Obama to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Shure, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“We feature a surprise address by Senator Bernie Sanders outside the White House on Tuesday during a global day of action against the Dakota Access pipeline that included demonstrations in over 300 cities. “Today we are saying it is time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline through their land,” Sanders said, demanding that their sovereign rights be honored. He also spoke about the need for politicians to protect access to clean water, recognize that climate change is real and support an aggressive shift away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources…

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: The issues are very clear. For hundreds of years, the Native American people in our country, the first Americans, have been lied to, have been cheated, and their sovereign rights have been denied them. And today we are saying it is time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline through their land. And we are demanding that sovereign rights of the Native American people be honored and respected.

And the second issue that we are here for this night is to understand that in midst—in the midst of a major water crisis and a growing crisis in our country and around the world, we are not going to allow a pipeline to endanger the clean water that millions of people depend upon.”*

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Chris Callaway, a New York City based fashion photographer, visited the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota. He took portraits of the Native Americans protesting the planned construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He also recorded their voices. When asked why he went to Standing Rock, Calloway said he wanted to create a more accurate representation of the protesters. “When Natives talk you can hear the intelligence and patience in their voices,” he added. “It reconnects you. It tears down those stereotypes a lot of us have built up.” The Huffington Post interviewed Calloway by phone from Oklahoma on Sunday, where he was home for the holidays.

11 thoughts on “Water protectors keep opposing DAPL pipeline

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