45 thoughts on “Clinton, Trump won’t stop Saudi butchering of Yemen

  1. Tuesday 11th October 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    UN HUMAN rights high commissioner Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein denounced the weekend Saudi-led air strikes on a funeral yesterday and criticised the UN human rights council for allowing a “climate of impunity” in Yemen.

    Mr Hussein reiterated his calls for an independent investigation of rights abuses and other violations in Yemen.

    The 47-member Geneva-based council, which includes Saudi Arabia, all but ignored those calls at its last session in September.

    The high commissioner noted that weddings, marketplaces, hospitals, schools “and now mourners at a funeral” have been hit during the conflict, “resulting in massive civilian casualties and zero accountability for those responsible.”

    Since the Saudi-led US-backed coalition started bombing Shi’ite Houthi rebels in March 2015, at least 4,125 civilians have been killed and more than 7,200 wounded in Yemen, his office disclosed.

    German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed concern over the Sanaa massacre, saying “those responsible for this cruel act must be found” and such attacks must not be repeated.

    Two missiles fired from rebel-held territory in Yemen landed near a US destroyer in the Red Sea, the US Navy said yesterday.

    The missile launches on Sunday coincided with a ballistic missile fired from Yemen and apparently targeted at a Saudi air base near Mecca in the deepest strike yet into the kingdom by Houthi rebels and their allies.



  2. Monday 10th October 2016

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    THE VICIOUS slaughter of more than 140 mourners and the maiming and mutilation of hundreds more in Yemen’s capital Sanaa by the Saudi-led military coalition demands an immediate response. And it has been clear for a very long time what sort of response would be best from Britain.

    The British government has approved the sale of billions of pounds of weaponry, munitions and war machines to Saudi Arabia — the very weapons deployed against the people of Yemen.

    Britain maintains a delegation of military personnel to the Saudis and offers training and support. The relationship stretches back not just decades, as Britain has sought to maintain its position in the strategically vital, oil-rich Middle East, but fully 100 years.

    It extends from the Saudis’ present-day bloodbath in Yemen to the state’s founder Ibn Saud and the 400,000 people killed to establish his family’s sordid supremacy over the peninsula.

    And throughout, it encompasses tacit British support for the Saudis and their fanatical Wahhabi creed which has brought so much destruction to the region, backing the country’s royals as a bulwark against the threat that people of the Middle East might determine their own future — free of outside interference and reactionary rule at home.

    The work of Mark Curtis to expose this hidden history, and Britain’s historical and present support for other Gulf despotisms, means there is no room for doubt. The unceasing material and diplomatic support provided by our rulers to the Saudis must be read as deliberate. There is no “failure” to act here — it is a positive choice to allow the Saudis to do what they wish. The targeting of a funeral, too, shows that Saudi Arabia is following in the footsteps of its Western patrons — the US particularly is notorious in Pakistan for using drones to murder mourners at funerals and butcher brides at weddings.

    As the experts at the Campaign Against Arms Trade will tell you, on paper Britain has tough rules on arms sales. But in practice they may as well not exist.

    And the report by War on Want published last week — reviewed by Ross Hemingway in our weekend edition — neatly shows that this is not an oversight or a mistake but part of a package of policies to prop up repressive Gulf states.

    Thankfully in Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn we have a politician who has spelled it out explicitly: Britain must not arm countries that slaughter their own people or those elsewhere.

    Arms sales to Saudi Arabia must end, and so must the diplomatic and military support that acts as a cover for its crimes.



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