Renault pollution scandal cover-up

This video says about itself:

Renault recalls 15000 diesel cars to obey emission norms

20 January 2016

That was then. And now …

From Seeking Alpha:

French report on Renault skipped over a glaring detail

Aug 22 2016, 14:33 ET

A report issued by a French commission investigating Renault‘s (OTC:RNSDF, OTCPK:RNLSY) diesel cars didn’t include some incriminating details, sources tell the Financial Times.

Members of the commission say a “NOx trap” operated at a higher level when the automaker’s Captur SUV was prepped for emissions testing than during normal driving.

The French inquiry found that it couldn’t prove that Renault used a defeat device, a conclusion that is now being questioned with the French government owning a sizable stake in the company.

10 thoughts on “Renault pollution scandal cover-up

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