Anti-austerity, anti-racism demonstration, London, 16 July

This video says about itself:

People’s Assembly March London 16 of April, 2016

I estimated that some 50 000 participants showed for the first People’s Assembly March in London, many furious at the excess of this Tory government and in particular current PM David Cameron, whose lack of transparency and appalling cost cutting measures have put public services in this country at risk of privatization through the back door.

Many in this country are angry at what they see as fat cats taking a mickey at the general public, with unnecessary austerity measures that have hit the poor hardest and aren’t working.

Whilst rich are getting richer, poor are getting poorer, rich won’t pay tax and get scot-free to do whatever they want, the poor need to pay tax of go to jail, do not pass go.

Public services, especially the education, healthcare professionals are being hit hardest, asked to work longer hours for a lot less money.

Panama papers and revelations that 18 out of 21 government ministers have offshore bank accounts, avoid paying taxes whilst demanding the general public to foot the bill for failed polices has angered many to a point that they’re threatening with walkouts and a general strike.

Many unions, including the teachers, nurses and junior doctors are demanding for government to agree on negotiations over wages and working conditions.

Many are demanding David Cameron to resign, and as confidence in Tory Government is at all time low, resignation of this government and to call for new elections as soon as this is conveniently possible.

Many see the current Tory government as highly corrupt and dishonest, unqualified to lead or run this country and are demanding changes and ideally resignation of this government. I am one of these countless millions who feels the same.

Government of the people, for the people, by the people, shall not perish from this earth. However this government is for the rich, by the rich, with the rich in mind; nepotism and corruption shall not perish as long as Tories rule.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

Anti-racists plan post-EU ref protest to fight cuts

Tuesday 28th June 2016

CAMPAIGN groups united yesterday to stand up to racists by pledging to demonstrate against the threat of austerity and more xenophobic violence.

The People’s Assembly (PA) and Stand Up To Racism have planned a protest as the fallout from the EU has forced the resignation of PM David Cameron.

On Saturday July 16, protesters will assemble outside the BBC headquarters in central London to warn of increased racially motivated attacks as well as the threat of Chancellor George Osborne’s post-Brexit tricks hiding up his sleeve.

This comes on the same day that Mr Osborne claimed that he would put his plans for cuts and tax rises on ice — until a new PM takes over in the autumn.

The Conservative Party would use the Brexit to whip up anti-immigrant racism and to decimate living standards of people in deprived regions who voted for it, campaigners said.

A PA spokesperson said: “But it doesn’t have to be this way. The Tories are weaker and more divided than they have ever been.

“However people voted in the referendum, we now need to unite and take to the streets to demand an end to austerity policies, to stand up to anti-immigrant racism and show our solidarity with refugees and migrants. We are not spectators while the Tories fall out.

“We must make ourselves participants in shaping the future. We will not let racism grow and we demand an end to austerity.”

Reports of racially motivated incidents since the referendum have been on the increase, including vandals spraying “go home” in graffiti on a Polish cultural centre in central London and eastern Europeans receiving vile messages through their letterboxes.

The government should offer clarity and comfort to EU nationals who are uncertain about their future in Britain to calm the tensions, said a Hope Not Hate spokesperson.

“Choosing a vote on our future on the EU cannot be a green light for racism and xenophobic attacks and Hope Not Hate demands action against the perpetrators,” they added.

“The authorities must also bring the full force of the law to bear against those who seek to exploit the referendum to promote an agenda, racial or religious hatred, or any other discrimination.”

Details about the 16 July London demonstration are here.

[Lsabour MP] Mr Lewis accepted that [pro-Brexit] voters weren’t all Little Englanders. “Many voted out as a kick back against austerity, neoliberalism and the treatment of Greece and the refugees in the Calais camp,” he said. “We need a massive reinvestment in our economy,” he added: here.

TRADE UNIONISTS were “drowned out” in the EU debate by a media barrage of racism, RMT president Sean Hoyle said last night. Opening the union’s AGM, he attacked the “damned scum press” for only giving attention to rightwingers on both sides of the debate. “All the public heard was racism, racism, racism, racism,” he fumed: here.

8 thoughts on “Anti-austerity, anti-racism demonstration, London, 16 July

  1. Monday 27th June 2017

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    DISGRACED [Blairite] MP Simon Danczuk made a desperate bid to capitalise on Labour’s leadership crisis yesterday by begging Jeremy Corbyn for a place in the shadow cabinet.

    Two hours after declaring on social media he was having a Sunday afternoon pint, Mr Danczuk wrote: “Have phoned Jeremy and said if required, I’m prepared to serve. I am prepared to make that sacrifice for the Labour Party.”

    Mr Danczuk’s suggestion faces some practical hurdles.

    He remains suspended from Labour after sending texts of a sexual nature to a teenager and is also under police investigation over rape allegations.


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