London Wimbledon bosses ban Jeremy Corbyn chanting

This satiric 3 July 2017 video from Wimbledon tennis court in London, England says about itself:


Actually, it is video of decades ago at Wimbledon, when it rained, there was no tennis and Sir Cliff Richard started singing; with the sound of recent pro-Jeremy Corbyn chanting superimposed.

The satire is because of what this 4 July 2017 video from the USA says:

Wimbledon Issues Ban On Chanting “Jeremy Corbyn“!

From daily The Independent in Britain:

The Corbyn chant was sung by supporters of the [rugby] British and Irish Lions during their game with New Zealand on Saturday [1 July 2017] morning, indicating that this could be a trend beyond Glastonbury. …

Although it is rare, Wimbledon isn’t a stranger to political protests. In 2011 the Spanish anti-austerity 15-M movement were prevented from making a protest during a Rafael Nadal match and in 2016 David Cameron was greeted by boos after Andy Murray acknowledged the former Prime Minister during his victory speech.

Tellingly, the Wimbledon bigwigs, mainly Conservatives, I suspect, have not banned chants supporting wobbly Tory Prime Minister Theresa May. Maybe also because very few, if any, people would think of chanting in support of May. After Ms May’s disastrous austerity policies, disastrous election campaign, disastrous reaction to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, disastrous coalition with Irish terrorist homophobes, to whom she gave her magic money tree loot, even many people who have voted Conservative all their lives are thinking seriously about never doing that again. And Tory politicians who at the moment still say in public that they support Theresa May 100% are meanwhile, out of sight of the public, quarreling behind her back whether they should stab her in the back in a few days’ time, a few weeks’ time, or a few months’ time.

The Wimbledon situation reminds me of Brazil. At the recent Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, spectators booed Brazilian coup president Temer at the opening ceremony. So, Temer did not dare to go to the closing ceremony. A bit later, he was booed by spectators of the Paralymics; where tickets were cheaper, so that also some not so well of Brazilians could afford them.

9 thoughts on “London Wimbledon bosses ban Jeremy Corbyn chanting

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  2. Wednesday 5th July 2017

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    THERESA MAY has seen her rating among Conservative Party members “shredded” to a record low, it was revealed yesterday.

    The PM’s plummeting popularity comes two months after her confident declaration that she could lead the party to a landslide victory in the general election. But she wound up losing 13 seats and chose to unite with the ultra-conservative DUP at a cost of £1 billion.

    Her approval rating has since seen a dramatic drop from +89 points to -26, according to the regular survey of party members by the Conservative Home website, losing out the bottom place spot to Tory chairman Patrick McLoughlin.

    Its editor Paul Goodman said: “That’s 137 points shredded in a single go. Party members want her out as leader — though not yet.

    “The Tories are furious with her for presiding over the worst Conservative election campaign in living memory,” Mr Goodman added.

    More than half of Tory members have said that Ms May should announce her resignation before the next election.

    And Chancellor Philip Hammond’s rating has tumbled from +32.4 to -11.5.

    Meanwhile a Survation poll revealed that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity continues to soar, with 38 per cent of respondents saying he would make the best PM — almost doubling his rating from two months ago.


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