Religious tiger abuse in Thailand

This video says about itself:

Tiger Temple Thailand: Temple or Tiger Business? Volunteering behind the scenes at Tiger Temple

29 January 2014

Tiger Temple in Thailand is one of the most controversial tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. People from all over the world volunteer at Tiger Temple, but what is the real story? Is it ethical? Does the money go back to helping the tigers and tiger conservation?

People always ask me “Should I visit Tiger Temple? Well – In August 2013, I volunteered to work at Tiger Temple in Thailand. However, I left after 18 days. Many people go to Tiger Temple hoping to get up close with these mystical and endangered cats, however, the money that Tiger Temple receives does not go to conservation and there is more than meets the eye.

For more information on visiting Tiger Temple in Thailand, volunteering at Tiger Temple, or if the tigers are drugged or not at Tiger Temple, check out here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Three more predators taken away from Thai Tiger Temple

Today, 16:55

Thai authorities have again taken three tigers away from a popular tourist resort with 140 of those predators. Since January, the government is working to remove the animals from the Buddhist complex. So far, 10 animals have been taken out of the park.

The Tiger Temple, about 100 kilometers west of Bangkok, is run by monks. Tourists can take selfies with the animals and give cubs the bottle. The park tried to get a license as a zoo, but that was rejected.

The government in Thailand suspects that trade in these predators takes place in the park. It is intended that every month five tigers are to be removed until there will not be any animals left in the complex.


Many environmental organizations have for years criticized the park and called on tourists not to go there. Many tourists claim that the tigers are often under the influence of sedatives.

The tigers removed today from the complex are likely to be brought to a government-run park. In the wild these animals can not survive because they have been raised in captivity.

Back in April 2015, I wrote about how it was almost the end of Thailand’s infamous Tiger Temple, as officials prepared to raid the compound and shut it down after years of evidence of abuse, neglect and irresponsibility. Yet thanks to an astounding level of corruption they managed to stay open. Now almost a year later there is even more evidence of illegal wildlife trading, and yet it is still open and travellers are still visiting! Why?

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