Tiger, bear say farewell to lion friend

This video from the USA says about itself:

23 May 2018

After 15 Years Of Friendship, This Tiger And Bear Just Said A Final Farewell To Their Lion Brother

Social media users went crazy when they first heard the story of the bear, the lion and the tiger whose tortured pasts made them inseparable furr-ever friends. Yes, the trio lived together happily for over a decade, but now fate has stepped in to take one of the brothers away for good. Their parting is heartbreaking.

The touching story of the eclectic friends began back in 2001 when police carried out a drug raid on a house in Atlanta. The officers’ search took them to the basement of the house, where they found something that must have made their jaws hit the floor. There, three caged exotic animal cubs had been kept in terrible conditions.

The babies – a bear, a lion and a tiger – were underweight, underfed and infested with parasites both inside and out. And, in addition to their malnourishment and neglect, the animals had suffered horrible abuse in their cages, which were clearly not fit for animals of their size.

2 thoughts on “Tiger, bear say farewell to lion friend

  1. That so sad I remember this story when it first came out about the trio. Its so crazy how so many people think it’s ok to have wild animals like that. Really cool how they put the memorial in the habit they really were brothers.


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