Islamophobia by United States airlines, animated cartoon

This satiric animated cartoon by Mark Fiore from the USA says about itself:

23 April 2016

Now that Pope Francis made the wonderful symbolic gesture of flying twelve Syrian refugees to Rome on his plane, let’s take a look at what it’s like for Muslims flying on planes in the United States. If you’re Muslim, whether you’re a US citizen or not, it turns out you might want to allot a little extra time for being detained after getting kicked off your flight.

FBI: ANTI-MUSLIM HATE CRIMES UP 67 PERCENT IN 2015 Contributing to an overall uptick of 6.7 percent for hate crimes across the country. [Michael McLaughlin, HuffPost]

THE AFTERMATH OF THE UNITED INCIDENT The U.S. Department of Transportation is investigating United Airlines for the treatment of a passenger who was forcibly dragged from a plane because the flight was overbooked. You can watch the disturbing video of the incidentAccording to the United CEO, the passenger was “belligerent.” Read the full text of the controversial letter here. The internet erupted with calls for a boycott with the hashtag, #UnitedJourney and compared the airline to “Fight Club.” And here’s a reminder: If an airline bumps you, they are supposed to pay you. [HuffPost]

A history of United Airlines’ scandals through the years.

THINGS FOR UNITED KEEP GOING FROM BAD TO WORSE The lawyer for David Dao, the man forcibly removed from the plane, says he suffered a broken nose, knocked-out teeth and a concussion, and that he’ll need facial reconstruction. Here’s why the event has resulted in such a visceral reaction from Asian-Americans, as well as how the United PR team could have handled this so poorly. And to compound it all, a scorpion stung a passenger after falling out of an overhead bin — and no, this is not some sort of promo stunt for “The Mummy.” [HuffPost]

The video of a 69-year-old doctor being beaten and dragged off a United Airlines flight by police in Chicago has generated widespread international outrage. Nearly half a billion people have viewed the video, including several hundred million people in China and Vietnam alone, where the beating was justifiably understood as an act of discrimination. The victim, David Dao, is a medical doctor based in Kentucky who was born in Vietnam: here.

Public anger around the world has continued to grow following the wide circulation on social media of videos showing police brutalizing a 69-year-old doctor, David Dao, and dragging him from a United Airlines flight last Sunday: here.

FEDERAL AUTHORITIES HAVE DECIDED NOT TO PUNISH UNITED AIRLINES Over the incident in April when Dr. David Dao was dragged off a United flight. [HuffPost]

United may get fined $435,000 for flying a plane that wasn’t “airworthy,” which makes everyone feel exceptionally safe.

17 thoughts on “Islamophobia by United States airlines, animated cartoon

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  8. Saturday 15th April 2017

    posted by Morning Star in World

    DOCTOR David Dao, the passenger dragged from a United Airways flight this week, lost two front teeth and suffered a broken nose and a concussion, his lawyer said on Thursday.

    Thomas Demetrio accused the US airline industry, which last year bumped more than 475,000 passengers off flights, of having “bullied” its customers for far too long.

    “Are we going to continue to be treated like cattle?” he asked.

    Dr Dao has been released from hospital but will need reconstructive surgery, Mr Demetrio told a news conference.

    The 69-year-old doctor was removed by aviation police officers from the flight on Sunday at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport after refusing to give up his seat to make room for four airline employees.

    Mobile phone video showed him being pulled down the aisle on his back with his face bloodied. Mr Demetrio indicated that Mr Dao plans to sue the airline.


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  10. Dr. David Dao was dragged off an overbooked United Airlines plane earlier this month, breaking his nose, knocking out two of his teeth, giving him a concussion and rendering him unconscious. All passengers then were deplaned so that a cleaning crew could mop up Dao’s blood. United CEO Oscar Munoz immediately released a statement commending the United crew for “flying right,” and condemning the bloodied passenger for “defying” the police and being “disruptive.”

    Munoz received $14 million in United Airlines stock options last year for the hard labor of being United’s CEO, and likely is in line to receive at least that much this year. Let’s call it $28 million.

    The day after Munoz’s tone-deaf “mea non culpa,” United’s stock dropped from $71.52 to $70.71, on four times the average volume. A week later, it was down to $67.75.

    Then Munoz apologized.

    Dr. Dao ended up in the hospital, needing corrective surgery, after he informed the United flight staff that he was a doctor, he had to be in a different hospital the next morning in order to help his own patients, and therefore he couldn’t give up his seat on the flight. Did Munoz apologize because he sincerely regretted that Dao’s nose was broken? Or did Munoz apologize because his stock options had lost $1.5 million in value?

    A week ago, the United Airlines Board of Directors announced that Munoz would not be promoted to Chairman of the Board, as had been planned, but that he would remain CEO. Was Munoz denied his promotion because the Board realized that Munoz really isn’t up to the job of Chairman? Or because the directors are paid in stock options, too?

    The supervisor of Chicago Airport Security, who oversaw the staff that dragged Dao off the plane, was fired on Thursday. Not because he was responsible for brutalizing Dao. But because it came to light that he had been fired previously, as the operations head of the Illinois Tollway, for sexual harassment.

    No one else has been disciplined on account of the assault on Dr. Dao.

    In a poll a week ago, 79% of the respondents who had heard about the incident said that they would rather not fly on United Airlines. Almost half said that they would be willing to pay an extra $66 and spend an additional three hours flying if they could avoid United.

    What can we learn from this? I suppose that the lesson is that if you remove $1.5 million from some callous boss’s pocket, he can grow a conscience. Maybe there is hope for late-stage capitalism, after all.


    Alan Grayson


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