Flying while Muslim, a crime in the USA?

This video from the USA says about itself:

Muslim Family DENIED Disneyland Vacation

23 December 2015

The US government has denied a British-Muslim family access to the country. The family planned on visiting Disneyland, but they are not allowed inside the US and the government isn’t saying why. Ana Kasparian (The Point) and Karamo Brown hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

“As Mohammed Tariq Mahmood sat in the departure lounge of London’s Gatwick Airport last week, he was surrounded by giddy children, ecstatic about the 11-hour flight that would ferry them to Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse — I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,” Mahmood’s 10-year-old niece scribbled in her diary, alongside a colorful illustration complete with oversized ears. “I’ve got to go now. We’re getting on the plane.”

But they never did. A border control officer, on orders from Washington, intervened, Mahmood said, telling him and his brother that their family of 11 had been barred from the flight.”

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Did The Donald become President Trump of the USA without anyone noticing?

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands, 23 December 2015:

A British Muslim family who wanted to fly from London to Los Angeles to visit Disneyland last week was sent away basically on the aircraft stairs. Prime Minister David Cameron pledged today to look into the matter.

“The customs service came to us and said they had a phone call from Washington that we were not allowed on the plane,” says the 41-year-old Mohammad Tariq Mahmood. Visas for Mohammad, his brother and their nine children were without reason as yet withdrawn.

The gym owner, originally from Pakistan, has asked a lawyer to recover the € 15,000 he had paid for the trip. The family had also wanted to visit relatives in California whom they had not seen for fifteen years.


Lawyer Stella Creasy explained the matter to the office of Prime Minister Cameron. “Not only this family is furious. This feeds in a broader context the discussion and the wrath of how certain populations are treated.”

Creasy says that among Muslims there are fears that after the call from Donald Trump to refuse access to the United States to all Muslims, they will have to deal with this problem more often because of their religion.

Secret service

A spokesman for Prime Minister Cameron says that the case is being examined. According to sources quoted in British media the British secret services did not play any role in the story.

A source inside the US government is said to have told that one of the eleven family members is on a list of people who have been banned from flying. Which family member this concerns and why he or she is on the no fly list, was not stated.

See also here.

Britain: GOVERNMENT plans to clamp down on extremism risk turning British bobbies into “thought police,” one of the country’s most senior former officers warned yesterday. Sir Peter Fahy, who retired earlier this year as Greater Manchester chief constable, said that imposing measures to suppress extremist activity were entering “very dangerous territory”: here.

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