American screech owls in love, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Owls In Love! Calling, Grooming, Cuddling and Talking

12 April 2016

Eastern Screech Owls display remarkable attention to each other for over 20 minutes in the nest box. The female has been sitting on three eggs all day and the male joins her at dusk for some serious bonding. Their sounds and communications recorded at high detail just inches away are incredibly varied and complex – this behavior has rarely been documented before.

This year’s owl parents are very different than in past years as they show much more attention to each other than usual. This is the first time I’ve ever documented the male spending time in the nest box in the early evening. Usually he delivers a meal and off he goes, here they are clearly enjoying each other’s company.

7 thoughts on “American screech owls in love, video

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