US NSA, British GCHQ spying on Israel

This video is called Israeli top officials demand an end to NSA spying.

That video is from 23 December 2013.

And now …

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

The US American and British intelligence services have for years spied on Israel during covert operations. This was reported by the German magazine Der Spiegel, according to information provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The US NSA and British GCHQ are said to have followed from 1998 on Israeli army drones during secret missions in Gaza, Iran and Syria.

Der Spiegel reports that the intelligence services were able to intercept the data via a satellite link in Cyprus. On the advanced listening station, they are said to also have seen the video recordings of the drones, though the images were encrypted.

Israeli minister Steinitz reacted, according to the NOS report:

“We know that the US Americans are spying on the whole world and therefore also on us and other allies. Yet it is still disappointing.”

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reports that Operation Anarchist, as the spying is known, also focused on other countries in the Middle East.

What a misnomer that this Orwellian anti-democratic spying is named after anarchism which rejects all state authority.

New documents from Edward Snowden reveal a spy program the U.S. used to hack Israel’s air force.

Canada has put a hold on sharing top secret spy data with the Five Eyes countries, including the US, after it was discovered that its NSA counterpart had shared info containing the personal details of Canadians, senior government officials said Thursday. Authorities say they made the decision after learning that the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) agency had not properly hidden the metadata of Canadian citizens before sharing it with its international allies. Metadata includes the numbers and time stamps of phone calls, but excludes content: here.

7 thoughts on “US NSA, British GCHQ spying on Israel

  1. Why would two main support countries of Israel bother to spy on Israel? when Israel is just a outpost for the colonist countries? do you think they are a treat to Western democracy and may attack Britain or America? it just seems more hype and propaganda taking the public eye off of a culture of these two and if we include Israel three vindictive and nasty elites whom are obsessed with supporting a hidden elite who have most if not all the world through financial corporations protecting a bunch of criminals that all politicians having to be servile to and a public of the world who either can not get what is going on or the mass of humanity are too stupid to get it?


    • This fits in a pattern in which the United States ‘intelligence’ establishment (and their British colleagues) feel they should rule the world, and are entitled to spy on anyone; including on allies (or: satellite states?) like the German, French, Japanese, Bahraini royal, and Israeli governments.


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