United States NSA spied on its friend Berlusconi

This 1 December 2010 Italian video, recorded in Kazakhstan, shows Hillary Clinton singing the praises of Silvio Berlusconi.

On that 1 December 2010, two prominent foreign politicians met in dictatorially ruled Kazakhstan. They were the then United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the then Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berloscuni.

Then, Ms Clinton said that the United States had ‘no better friend’ than Berlusconi.

However, today it turns out that behind these oh so ‘friendly’ scenes, something very different was going on in those years 2010-2011.

From Edward Snowden and other revelations, we know that the National Security Agency in the USA not only spies on millions of United States citizens. They also do economical espionage on businesses abroad. They also spy on governments who are supposedly ‘allies’ and ‘friends’. Like on the Japanese government. Like on the German government of Ms Angela Merkel. Like on the Israeli government of Mr Netanyahu.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Italy angry at the USA because of spying on Berlusconi

Today, 17:33

New revelations about the bugging of former Prime Minister Berlusconi have led to uproar in Italy. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the US ambassador.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica this morning revealed that the National Security Agency NSA has spied in 2011 on many more phone calls by Berlusconi and people around him than previously had been known. In that period more world leaders were spied upon, including [German] Chancellor Merkel.

The newspaper relies on secret information that was made public by WikiLeaks. “We want everything in this case to become clear,” Prime Minister Renzi said after angry reactions from Forza Italia, Berlusconi’s party.

White House spearheads assault on cell phone encryption: here.

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