German secret police spying on the Netherlands, Austria, France …

This 5 May 2015 video is called German ‘spying’ prompts Austrian complaint.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

‘The Netherlands, bugging target of the German secret service

Today, 20:34

An Austrian Member of Parliament has sued the German secret service and telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom for bugging internet links including to Austria and the Netherlands. The magazine Der Spiegel reports that the politician possesses mails showing that certainly since 2005 traffic to neighboring countries of Germany was spied upon, possibly at the urging of the United States service NSA.

The service is said to also have bugged fiber optic cables to France and Luxembourg. …

In the publication by Der Spiegel there are no details on targets in the Netherlands. Parliamentarian Peter Pilz of the Austrian Greens will travel to Berlin tomorrow. He wants to disclose more about the espionage practices at a press conference there.


The data collected are said to be shared with the NSA, which the BND cooperates with. Especially a fiber connection from Luxembourg to Vienna had their attention since this cable also transmits data from Russia and Turkey to Western Europe.

All bugged connections went through the Internet node DE-CIX in Frankfurt. That is one of the largest Internet hubs worldwide. Deutsche Telekom also has a plant there.

In early May it was announced that the BND and the NSA had bugged targets in Austria from a spying base in Bavaria. Then the Austrian government filed a complaint with the judiciary. The government of Luxembourg has now also asked Germany for clarification.

See also here.

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  8. It would be quite easy to forbid any independent cooperation between any EU country and US intelligence without notification this fact to Brussel . Additional prison penalty for decision makers always help to avoid misunderstood in all such cases.


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