Donald Trump satiric sign in the USA

Donald Trump satiric sign in the USA

This photo from the USA shows a satiric sign about United States Republican party presidential candidate Donald Trump.

15 thoughts on “Donald Trump satiric sign in the USA

  1. Stuber Haiku # 312

    William walks hands in the air
    praying to survive.
    He’s unarmed,
    terrorized by our
    militarized police force.

    “Stand back, get
    down, hands behind your
    back! “What did you say?”
    “Don’t move an inch!” He
    walks away, pocket knife in

    hand, no threat, sixteen bullets
    worth of dead, the new
    dead; fascism lays
    wide open for us to see,

    yet Trump gains
    followers, choices
    all as bad, but one,
    and he’s not gonna
    get nominated, if you

    follow me.
    Driving while black changed. Walking
    while black is
    now a felony
    punishable by

    instant death.
    Jump back privileged poet boy.
    Words are not
    enough, nor protests
    nor votes. Unite now!

    1/16/16 Weymouth, Southern Pines, NC, with Metta Sema Melvin as prompter.


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