Beached blue whale saved in Chile, video

This video from Chile says about itself:

29 December 2015

A 65-foot [blue] whale has been saved by fishermen during a three hour rescue operation after it became beached off the coast of Chile.

The huge creature was rescued after a lengthy rescue operation was staged to tow it back out to sea.

Video footage shows beach-goers, who had been surfing, struggling to move the whale as it was rocked backwards and forwards by the waves.

After dragging it for some 5 kilometres, the whale was cut free from the rope and able to glide off into the water.

The triumphant rescue was celebrated by the rescuers, all pleased that the magnificent whale was free to enjoy the ocean again.

The whale was spotted swimming further out to sea after that, causing a huge cheer from those on the boats responsible for the rescue operation.

The fishermen were alerted to the drama by authorities after it was spotted washed up on the beach of Iquique, a coastal city in the north of Chile.

Naval officers, police, employees of Marine Rescue Centre ‘Kaitieki’ and local fishermen banded together to coordinate the three-hour rescue operation.

The maritime governor of Iquique, Navio Gaston Guerrero, said: ‘It is important to highlight the support of the authorities, fishermen and civilians who helped accomplish this difficult but gratifying rescue, showing that by working together they were able to successfully achieve their objective’.

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