Save Humboldt penguins in Chile

This 8 November 2015 video, in Spanish with English subtitles, is about conservation of Humboldt penguins in Chile.


Let’s Save The Humboldt Penguin

Algarrobo, Chile

Take care with the future of Humboldt Penguin#PenguinProject

The reason why we are conducting this campaign is to take actions now in favor of the conservation of the Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti),, which is a currently protected species, yet still in a vulnerable condition, and the rest of the seabirds that live around.

The increase in property market of the Central coast of Chile has led several changes jeopardizing the biodiversity of the area, which is now also affecting the Humboldt Penguin, species that used to nest in a protected islet called “Islote Pájaro Niño” where the population of this seabird has decreased a 70% in the last 15 years.

The artificial breakwater built by the private Chilean nautical association, “Cofradía Naútica del Pacífico Sur”, has produced many negative effects on the ecosystem including the invasion of exotic species such as rodents that cross to the island through this bridge eating the eggs of the birds that make their nest there. Beside this, it has been reported seabirds slaughter and nest destruction caused by people who feel bothered by seabirds.

The goal of this campaign is to create a seasonal record of the species in order to measure their evolution, work with and train the local people in the identification and explanation of the seabirds and their conservation, and the importance for the local and global ecosystem, information that will be transmitted next to the large number of tourists that Algarrobo city receives every season.

We believe that the conservation of the species and their habitat is a shared responsibility, it is our mission to give the correct tools to make aware and educate about the importance of keeping alive our biodiversity. We want to invite you all to become part of this challenge; your cooperation will help us assure to reach our goals.


We need your support and activism to accomplish this project; we need you to spread the news and to share with your friend, relatives, co-workers and co-mates.
To accomplish our mission, we need to collect $15,000 dollars in order to implement and organize the current work for the Humboldt Penguins conservation.
If you cannot grant money, you can grant us time supporting us spreading the campaign.


1. – Film a documentary to show the complete process of the Project that can help as educational material to free Access to the community.

2. – Conduct a seasonal survey during the year to measure the Humboldt Penguin evolution (Spheniscus humboldti) and also to identify seabirds’ species.

3. – Make training activities for local people having as purpose learn about the identification of species and the importance of the local and global ecosystem.

4. – Train environmental rangers to talk about environmental care particularly about the Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) to the large number of tourists in Algarrobo beaches.

5. – Create a plan to expand the current IBA site to the Peña Blanca Islet, place where important species make their nests and a large number of individuals can be found.

Take part of our Project and you can get interesting rewards and protect the Humboldt Penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) life expectancy.

There are 18 penguin species in the world, but despite wide ranges, these birds can be difficult to see. On the positive side for building a life list, there are several locations where multiple penguin species can be found in relatively small areas. Knowing where those areas are can help you plan a trip to put penguins on your life list: here.

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