Dutch politician arrested for violence

VVD politician Rolf Zincken

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Councillor in Weert arrested for assault

Today, 09:38

A local council member of the VVD in Weert

The VVD, a right-wing pro-big business party, is the biggest party in the Dutch coalition government.

Weert is in Limburg province.

was arrested since last Sunday he is said to have assaulted another man. That happened during a party in an event center in the town.

The police had gone to the center after a report about noise. When officers were there, there was a brawl in which the councillor was involved. The 53-year-old suspect has been arrested and he spent a night in jail.

The victim was taken to hospital with a head wound. He has reported the mistreatment to the police.

The VVD in Weert still looking at what the consequences should be for the councilor.

According to this report, the VVD suspect is Rolf Zincken. The victim of Zincken’s assault is the owner of a local clothes shop, now unable to work because of the beating. The name of that shop owner is Eric Adams.

Eric Adams said, interviewed by (right-wing) Dutch daily De Telegraaf today (translated):

I woke up in a pool of blood. He kept hitting me when I was already unconscious.

De Telegraaf reports (translated) about Adams:

He has eyes closed by beating, a broken nose, stitches and possibly a brain concussion.

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