Stop killing geese in nature reserves, court says

This video from Sweden shows barnacle geese; with Canada geese in the background.

Translated from daily Tubantia in the Dutch province Overijssel:

Shooting geese in Overijssel banned immediately

December 2, 2015

THE HAGUE – The shooting of geese in and around the Overijssel Natura 2000 sites is prohibited from today. According to a statement from the State Council in the case of BirdLife in the Netherlands against the provincial executive of Overijssel.

By killing geese throughout the year the province says they prevent damage to agricultural land. The wildlife management units and game license holders were allowed by the province to use an exemption from the Flora and Fauna Act to shoot at greylag geese, barnacle geese and white-fronted geese in and around protected areas.

Other birds

The Council of State finds that the goose hunting can have significant negative effects on other protected birds like whooper swans, snipes and cranes. In such a case there can be hunting only with a license for conservation purposes. There is no such license, making the geese hunting illegal.


The province has always maintained to date that a conservation license is not required as long as hunters stay away a bit from other vulnerable birds. Meanwhile, thousands of geese have been culled. BirdLife demanded at the Council of State that the province would take enforcement action against the wildlife management units and game license holders because they violate the Nature Conservancy Act. The Council of State has now decided that BirdLife is right.

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