Birds and botanical garden plants

This video is called Goldcrest foraging for insects.

On our way to the botanical garden on 8 November 2015, there was a female goldcrest in a coniferous tree.

Domestic pigeons, 8 November 2015

Along a canal, domestic pigeons looking for food.

In the botanical garden, a large earth bumblebee visiting a flower.

Inside a hothouse, a giant prickly stick insect at its usual place.

Victoria amazonica and butterfly, 8 November 2015

In its botanical garden hothouse, a rare sight: a Victoria amazonica flower. It attracted one of the butterflies living there. A Julia heliconian butterfly, I think.

Downy Japanese maple, 8 November 2015

Outside the hothouse, in the Japanese garden, a downy Japanese maple, with its beautiful red autumn leaves.

Downy Japanese maple and gingko, 8 November 2015

On this photo, a much bigger tree in the background: a Ginkgo biloba.

Gingko leaves, 8 November 2015

A smaller ginkgo grows along the canal. Many of its yellow autumn leaves had already fallen.

A herring gull swimming in the canal. Then, it tried to catch worms in the grassy opposite bank by trampling.

A jay calls. So does a ring-necked parakeet.

Smooth Japanese maple, 8 November 2015

Then, near the old astronomical observatory, another Japanese maple: a smooth Japanese maple, with smaller leaves than its downy relative.

Candlestick fungus growing on wood.

Autumn leaves, 8 November 2015

Near the fern garden, many autumn leaves of various species on the ground.

Weeping beech, 8 November 2015

The weeping beech, growing ever since 1840 in the garden, had also already lost many of its leaves, though it still had some.

Blue berries, 8 November 2015

Near the rose garden, these blue berries.

Coot, 8 November 2015

As we left the garden, two coots swam in the canal.

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