Black-tailed godwit wins Jan Wolkers Prize

In this 2014 video from the Netherlands, a black-tailed godwit (Limosa limosa) calls from the top of a willow tree.

On 16 October 2016, a book about black-tailed godwits won the Jan Wolkers Prize.

That is an annual prize for the best Dutch book about wildlife. It is named after Dutch visual artist and author Jan Wolkers, who was keenly interested in natural history. Jan’s widow Karina is one of the members of the jury.

There was a shortlist of five books. The winner was De grutto [The black-tailed godwit], by Albert Beintema.

Milouska Meulens, Albert Beintema, Menno Bentveld

This photo shows Mr Beintema with his prize between the presenters of the Vroege Vogels radio show, Ms Milouska Meulens and Menno Bentveld, on the staircase of the Lakenhal museum in Leiden, where the winner was announced.

The other four nominees were:

Botanische Revolutie, by Norbert Peeters. It is about Charles Darwin’s significance as a botanist.

Dit is mijn hof – by Chris de Stoop; about farmland in Zeeland province.

In krabbengang door kreeftenboeken – by Alex Alsemgeest and Charles Fransen. It is about the big valuable collection in Naturalis museum of books on crabs, lobsters and their relatives.

Zoektocht naar het paradijs – Arita Baaijens. It is about Ms Baaijens’ journey to the Altai mountains.

Three of the five (or: four of the six, as the crabs book is by two authors) nominees lectured on their work on that 16 October in the Lakenhal museum. I will report on these three lectures, by Ms Baaijens, by misters Alsemgeest and Fransen, and by Mr Beintema, in separate blog posts.

Norbert Peters did not lecture in the Lakenhal, but guided his readers in a tour of the botanical garden. Chris de Stoop was not present.

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