Conservative party conference protest, Manchester, England, today

This video from England says about itself:

#TakeBackMCR – Protest The Tory Party Conference

20 September 2015

All roads lead to Manchester

It’s time to take the Movement to the next stage…

This means reaching out to a lot more people…

250,000 people took to the streets for the 20 June demo, this was just the beginning…

Our aim is to increase our numbers and descend on the Tory Party Conference from Saturday 3rd October – Wednesday 7th October.

This is the perfect opportunity to show our unity of strength against the forces that seek to punish the most vulnerable for a crisis they did not create while rewarding those that did…

The TUC has called a National Demonstration on Sunday 4th October. In the face of new anti union legislation, that will attack the rights of working people, it is vital we come together to support our unions and what they stand for…

We will oppose the Tories on every day of their conference in Manchester.

We will steal the headlines and disrupt the narrative.

It will be the People’s story that is told…

We will be joined by voices from every section of our society to cover the debate and counter the Tory Party Agenda…

The People’s Assembly and our friends from supporting organisations and institutions will host a series of events throughout the week.

Topics will include: Trade Unions, Welfare, Housing, Islamophobia, War, Education, Climate, Media, TTIP, Transport, NHS, Economy, Scotland and Europe. These meetings will run alongside a series of direct actions and protests all over Manchester and around the Tory Party Conference…

We will host a “Festival of Resistance” along side the Tory Party Conference (TPC)…

Evenings will see the full spectrum of entertainment including huge gigs featuring international artists, “Laugh them out of town” comedy nights, Spoken word and Performances from a wide range of our talented supporters…

Let’s #‎TakeBackMCR for THE PEOPLE

From the BBC today:

Manchester march: Large protest at Tory conference

Thousands of people have attended an anti-austerity protest near the Conservative Party’s annual conference in Manchester.

It is thought up to 85,000 took part in the march close to Manchester Central, where the conference is being held.

Organisers the TUC said the rally was also to highlight an “unfair” Trade Union Bill.

The government said its long term economic plan was “turning the country around” after “difficult decisions”.

It added the proposed changes to strike legislation would protect the public from disruptive action.

Union leaders and officials from campaign groups addressed a rally in the city centre before leading the procession.

Singer Billy Bragg warmed up the crowd with a set on stage, changing the lyrics to his best-known songs to add topical references such as “take the money from Trident and spend it on the NHS”.

Although the protest was largely good-natured, two arrests were made, including one man for allegedly spitting at a journalist.

A conference delegate was hit by an egg as the demonstration made its way through the city centre. …

A so-called “ring of steel” has been built around the conference venue and the nearby Midland Hotel.

At the scene

Kevin Fitzpatrick, BBC Greater Manchester political reporter

Huge numbers of people are winding their way through the city’s streets this afternoon in Manchester.

Many of those gathered are holding placards and are chanting slogans against the cuts. Some are pushing prams, others in wheelchairs.

A few hundred feet away from the site of the Conservative conference, the sound of whistles and horns fills the air.

These people are angry, passionate and determined to have their voice heard.

Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary, told the rally the protest was “sending a very clear message” to the government that they faced a fightback.

Paul Novak, assistant general secretary of the TUC, said: “The government is driving through tens of billions of pounds worth of cuts to public services right across the country and at the same time trying to gag the ability of unions to protest and try to defend services.

“There are 6.5m working people in this country who are voluntarily members of unions.

“The government is trying to force through an anti-democratic bill that puts real limitations on the right to strike and people’s right to protest. We think that’s absolutely unfair.”

This video is called Jeremy Corbyn explains why we should support @pplsassembly in Manchester 3-7 October 2015.

THE father of a Tory activist who killed himself after an alleged bullying campaign by more senior party members fears an internal inquiry into his death will result only in a cover-up: here.

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