Greek anti-journalist police violence in 2011

This 12 December 2011 Amnesty International video says about itself:

Amnesty International Greetings Card Campaign 2011 – Write for Rights ~ Manolis Kypreos ~ Together We Are Powerful

Support Manolis Kypreos.

From Amnesty International in Greece in November 2011:

Demand Justice for Manolis Kypreos

In June 2011 Manolis Kypreos -a journalist- was covering protests in his professional capacity in Syntagma Square, Athens, against the new austerity measures, introduced by the Greek government.

Police repeatedly attacked Mr Kypreos, including with a stun grenade at close range which caused him to become deaf.

Linda Katehi, a link between repression in Greece, and at UC Davis, USA: here.

Merkel and Sarkozy want Samaras to sign to secure Leopard and Rafale weapons sales: here.

7 thoughts on “Greek anti-journalist police violence in 2011

    • 28/11/2011 @ 12:05:09

      Hi Walrus, thanks for commenting. I think that, officially, violent police get orders directly from their superintendents etc. A bit more indirectly from politicians. And, still more indirectly, from rich capitalists (in banking, oil, weapons, etc. industries) who want to introduce the austerity policies, against which the protests covered by that Greek journalist are.


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