Save monarch butterflies, petition

This video is called Amazing Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly.

From in the USA:

Save Monarch Butterflies Sign Our Petition To Help Protect This Iconic Species! Take action today!

Their fluttering migration covers wide swaths of North America. But now their populations are crashing.

Please sign our petition encouraging measures to protect our remaining Monarchs!

Dear Friend,

Monarch butterflies urgently need your help. This iconic, orange-and-black beauty was once common in backyards across the country… but its population has plummeted by 90 percent from the 20-year average.

You can help protect our Monarch butterflies by signing this petition!


These delicate creatures weigh less than a gram, but every year they travel thousands of miles — from Canada down to Mexico — in an incredible, multigenerational migration. Generations of schoolchildren have learned about metamorphosis by watching monarch caterpillars transform into butterflies.

But the milkweed that monarchs depend on for survival is now being wiped out by genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant crops, as well as pesticides, human development and climate change

Please sign our petition asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act before it’s too late. A “threatened” listing (not as dire a listing as “endangered”) will allow important research and educational activities to continue while protecting this iconic pollinator for future generations.

Will you sign our petition urging action to protect our remaining Monarchs from the threats that may bring their extiction?

Adding your voice to the effort to protect Monarchs will make a difference. Don’t let our Monarch butterflies become only a memory in regions where they were once ubiquitous.

Sign this petition if you agree that our world would be a poorer place without Monarch butterflies.

Thank you for your help– it really can help make a difference!


Robin McVey

Robin McVey
Public Editor,

Take action today!

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  4. If you are growing any native milkweeds at your place (or if a school or any organization also) please do Join the Milkweed Highway! It takes a minute or less to get on “the highway.” If you’ve got photos, please do download them, but this isn’t necessary at all. Come join us in our efforts to create a highway of milkweeds, coast to coast. Sign on (it’s free) at:


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