British actress Maxine Peake gets Diggers’ award

This 2012 video from Britain is called RADA: A Word With … Maxine Peake (interview).

This video says about itself:

WOW 2014 | Maxine Peake in conversation

8 March 2014

Starring in shows such as Shameless and Silk, Maxine Peake is not just one of the UK’s most popular actresses; she is also building a name as an astute and independent artist who is using her fame and influence to help women’s stories take central stage. From her mesmerizing, haunting portrayal of Myra Hyndley to her quietly courageous Grace Middleton in BBC One’s The Village, her searing performances focus on the complex circumstances that drive women’s actions in crime, love or politics. She talks candidly about ambition and her growing celebrity status, and the role models she has been inspired by. In conversation with Jude Kelly.

More about this event here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Maxine Peake receives Diggers‘ award

Tuesday 2nd September 2014

ACTOR and Morning Star supporter Maxine Peake is to receive this year’s Gerrard Winstanley Spade Award presented annually by the Wigan Diggers Festival committee.

The accolade is for her “outstanding contribution to the cause of making the Earth a common treasury for all” in the spirit of Winstanley and the 17th-century Diggers’ movement.

Ms Peake, who is known for her roles in Silk, Shameless, Dinnerladies and The Village, wrote and performed in a play on Radio 4 about the Women Against Pit Closures’s occupation of Parkside Colliery at Newton-le-Willows in 1994.

The Gerrard Winstanley award was introduced at last year’s Wigan Diggers’ Festival and was presented to Tony Benn.

This year’s festival is in Wigan on Saturday, September 13, from 11 am to 9.30pm.

This video about the seventeenth century English civil war is called Levellers, True Levellers, and The Diggers of 1649 (1 of 3).

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