8 thoughts on “Britain: locked-out Gate Gourmet workers to march at Tolpuddle

  1. Unity remains our strength
    TENS of thousands of people will be out and about this weekend, some at the traditional Tolpuddle Martyrs commemoration in Dorset and some at the London mayor’s Rise/London United free music festival in south London.

    It may seem that the one is for trade unionists and the other is for young people, but, in fact, the two events are linked.

    It is not just that many of those at the music festival will be trade unionists or that the event is sponsored by UNISON and the southern and eastern region TUC. Nor is is that Tolpuddle’s musical menu will also attract people who want to have a fun weekend.

    The two events are linked by the fact that the ruling class has always sought to maintain its power by splitting working people – trying to prevent workers from building effective trade unions and seeking to encourage divisions on the basis of race and colour.

    Tolpuddle and Rise are expressions of our determination not be set against each other in the interests of the powerful and wealthy. Our unity remains our strength.

    http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/index2.php/free/comment/tell_sid_we_are_all_out [scroll down]


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