UK: Blair lied on Iraqi “WMD”, and on Dr David Kelly’s death

This video says about itself:

Have you got blood on your hands, Prime Minister? David Kelly

Jan 9, 2008

The turning point in Tony Blair’s career as Prime Minister came when he was at a press conference in Japan. A journalist asked him if he had any responsibility for the death of weapons inspector David Kelly. This video shows how Blair stood motionless, unable to answer for eight seconds. Eventually the Japanese Prime Minister saved him further embarrassment by ending the news conference prematurely.

From Craig Murray’s blog:

July 14, 2006

The death of David Kelly is back in the news.

From The Scotsman:

MP says files into Kelly death have been wiped

AN MP conducting an investigation into the death of Dr David Kelly last night claimed his computer files have been wiped.

Norman Baker, Lewes MP, said he has evidence to prove Dr Kelly did not die as a result of suicide.

The Liberal Democrat said he had told police he believes computer files at his Lewes constituency office have been remotely wiped.

The MP told the BBC: “What my investigations to date have demonstrated is that there are significant medical doubts from professional medical people about the alleged cause of death.

“Indeed there are a number of specialist medical experts who tell me that it is clinically impossible for Dr David Kelly to have died the way that was described.

“I am suggesting the explanation for suicide simply doesn’t add up.”

Dr Kelly was the Ministry of Defence scientist whose conversations with a BBC journalist led to reports that the government “sexed up” the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

In July 2003 he was found dead with his wrists slashed.

Dr Kelly was of the Baha’i faith (strongly anti suicide; and pacifist).

Also on this: here.

More on Craig Murray: here.

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