British police attack anti-government demonstrators

This December 2014 video about Britain is called Review issued looking into benefit cuts of man who died of starvation.

By Joana Ramiro in London, England:

Anti-Tory protesters are met with police violence

Monday 11th May 2015

Mass arrests and violence reported as police respond to first demonstrations against the new government

POLICE violence and mass arrests marked the first weekend of the new Tory government as thousands of young people took to the streets to voice their anger over further austerity measures.

Despite having been called just days before Thursday’s elections, the Fuck the Tory Government protest saw over 2,000 people march on Downing Street.

But the peaceful protest turned sour when, after three hours of causing havoc with central London’s traffic, protesters and police clashed on Whitehall in scenes reminiscent of the 2010 student movement.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed that 15 people had been arrested, with several protesters reporting excessive use of violence by the police.

LSE student Daphne Wikken said: “I have never experienced such extreme force of police violence. “My legs are bruised everywhere and I cut my arm.

“For me what is particularly scary is the fact that the government is already cracking down on dissent so badly just days after the general election.”

A man was picked up by his throat by a police officer in riot gear, moments before police lines closed in on protesters, kettling a few hundred near No 10.

One of those jailed during the day’s clashes told the Star “arrests were made under arbitrary circumstances, after the demonstration had ended.”

The student, who asked to remain anonymous after being released on bail, added he had been “brutally handcuffed” and searched “having stopped to inquire on someone’s else’s arrest.”

While the protest was called against the prospect of another five years of cuts to public services and the privatisation of the NHS, many of those present used the event to argue for a proportional electoral system. Asked why he decided to join the demonstration, Pascal Cameron said: “For me it was just the shock of it being a Tory majority when clearly there is no mandate for that when you look at the votes.”

Speaking about the Conservatives coming to power on less than 40 per cent of the votes with a 66 per cent turnout, he said: “It really struck me this election that it’s not actually democracy when it’s a minority rule.

“It’s the opposite of democracy.”

This music video is called Charlotte Church: Bridge over troubled water.

Also by Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Pop star Church preaches an end to Tory rule

Monday 11th May 2015

SINGING socialist Charlotte Church squared up to the Tories this weekend as she joined an anti-austerity protest with a placard reading: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.”

The Welsh pop star spoke out against more cuts at a protest in Cardiff called after the Tories won last week’s general election. She said: “This is a government that does not care about its people and is only interested in cosying up to big business.”

Her rallying cry to the hundreds gathered around Cardiff’s Aneurin Bevan statue will boost people’s confidence in the fight against cuts, protest organiser Jamie Insole predicted.

“It was great to see Charlotte and I would prefer to see her give a fighting message than some politician that is going to tell us this is the best that we can get,” he told the Star.

“It transpires she’s a long standing opponent of austerity.

“She has always been quite real and was given a warm welcome at the protest.”

Ms Church, who has previously campaigned for Bring Back the NHS, had written passionate letter to her fans urging them to vote out the Tories ahead of Thursday’s poll. In an interview with Wales Online, the soprano explained that, to her, protesting “is not about complaining — it’s about showing solidarity.

“I don’t believe in leaving people behind to fend for themselves just because they are ill or disabled.

“I don’t want to live in a world like that.

“The Tories are going to systematically take apart what makes us Britain and what makes it a fair, lovely place to live.”

But her courageous words quickly caught the attention of tabloid bully Katie Hopkins, who told the singer to “wind your neck in” and “own your problems” on Twitter.

Ms Church’s reply delighted thousands as she challenged Ms Hopkins to a charity boxing match adding: “I’d relish the opportunity to lawfully smash [Katie Hopkins’s] face in.”

She is expected to keep lending her support to other anti-austerity protests and strikes, including next Saturday’s Community March Against the Tories in Cardiff.

This video from Wales says about itself:

9 May 2015

Charlotte Church Makes Speech At Cardiff NHS Rally.

ALMOST 1,000 people marched through Cardiff city centre on Saturday in protest against government austerity. The turnout dwarfed that of the previous weekend’s protest, also organised by Cardiff People’s Assembly (CPA), at which singer Charlotte Church’s “mad as hell” speech attracted national coverage: here.

By Luke James in Britain:

People’s Assembly sees demo numbers surge after Tory win

Monday 11th May 2015

THIRTY thousands people have signed-up to a national anti-austerity protest since the Tories won the election.

Around 2,500 people were attending the People’s Assembly’s “end austerity now” demonstration before Thursday, according to the Facebook page for the event.

But the number of people preparing to hit the streets surged to 33,000 yesterday as disappointment turned to determination.

Coaches have been organised to bring people from across Britain to the demonstration outside the Bank of England on June 20.

People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn believes the turnout on the day could be over 100,000.

And he predicted the rally could spark a wave of resistance on a par with the anti-poll tax movement that was crucial in forcing out Margaret Thatcher.

He told the Star: “I think there will be such a big movement that they won’t be able to govern for five years.

“We’re on the brink of something like the poll tax demos. I don’t think there’s ever been a demo where 30,000 people have signed up in two days.

“Although the Tories managed to get a majority, 60 per cent of the population or more rejected austerity and these are the people that will be marching next month.”

Some people yesterday labelled the demonstration “anti-democratic” in posts on the Facebook event page.

Ryan Cockrell wrote: “Democracy isn’t challenging the government, the elected representatives of the majority, after being in charge for two days.”

Aaron Clark added: “Tories got a MAJORITY vote. Behave.”

But socialist screen star Maxine Peake was among activists who said the result did not mean they should simply accept Tory cuts.

“Direct action is the only way to stem the constant ruthless attacks on our society by this arrogant and vicious system,” she wrote in a message revealed by the People’s Assembly at the weekend.

“If we don’t stand up we will lose our most precious assets.”

“Assets that have been fought so long and hard for. The NHS, our public services, legal aid, the list goes on.

“We don’t have to take it, so we do have to stand up on June 20.”

This video from Britain says about itself:

Shappi Khorsandi marching to ‘End Austerity Now’. The People’s Assembly 20 June 2015

4 April 2015

Shappi Khorsandi is supporting the ‘End Austerity Now’ national demonstration on 20 June, 12pm, at Bank, London. What will you be marching for?

8 thoughts on “British police attack anti-government demonstrators

  1. The demonstrators can only be as heroic to be protesting against Cameron as a leader who is inept having no vision other than to be a slave of the financial despots, the police are also under order from the same source and can no longer be looked at as a law respected force but are now a tyrannical force who are instructed to enforce a policy of fear, we can only live in faith that these evil people will pass to the rubbish dump of history, as the intelligent of the British society will not tolerate a state of violent thugs that are the slaves to a autocratic repressive system.


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