Good owl nesting season in Hedmark, Norway

This video from Finland says about itself:

Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa) flies towards the camera and eats a mouse.

The Norwegian ornithologists of the Norsk Ornitologisk Forening have this rather mechanical Google translation of an article in Norwegian:

By Magne Myklebust (06/08/2014)

There has been good supply of small rodents in Hedmark deep forests this year. In 2014, there Hedmark county been identified as 62 nesting attempts Patch owl and 14 nesting attempts of the kind owl. Never before has two major barskogsuglene our been known to breed in such numbers in Norway.

Finnmark Bird News notes on Twitter:

Regarding googletranslated article: Please excuse Google for renaming Great Grey & Ural Owl to Patchwork Owl & Kind Owl 🙂

‘Barskogsuglene’, which Google refused to translate, means ‘owls of coniferous forests’.

Hedmark is a county in the south east of Norway. Both owl species usually nest more to the north.

13 thoughts on “Good owl nesting season in Hedmark, Norway

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