Save English tawny owls from speeding cars

This video is called An Introduction to the Tawny Owl (Strix aluco).

From Wildlife Extra:

Tawny owls casualties of speeding cars

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) is warning drivers in East Sussex to slow down when driving at night following a spate of collisions with tawny owls.

A total of ten tawny owls were hit over a six-week period at Ashdown Forest, Uckfield, Scaynes Hill, Magham Down, Hastings, Lewes, Polegate, and Eastbourne.

“Unfortunately three died out on site before our emergency ambulances arrived,” said WRAS Casualty Centre Manager and Director Kathy Martyn, “three had to be put down due to the severity of their injuries, two have been released and two are still in care.”

The incidents all happened at night or at dusk, when the owls are active, hunting on the roads for rodents in grass verges and roadside embankments. “Many people think it’s safe to drive fast at night as you can see approaching car’s head lights from a distance,” said Trevor Weeks, MBE founder of East Sussex WRAS, “sadly wildlife don’t have lights on them and could easily run out into the road causing potentially fatal injuries to both the animal as well as humans.”

WRAS is seeking to reduce the number of casualties by urging drivers to think about animals that could be crossing roads when driving in the dark.

Tawny owls are common and found throughout the UK, but they remain protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Once mated, males and females often stay together for life, and will seldom leave their territory.

More on this is here.

8 thoughts on “Save English tawny owls from speeding cars

  1. Eind juni


    Nadat we onze roepende bosuil man kwijt waren geraakt en er een nieuwe
    “zwijgzame” man was verschenen ( zie laatste Ornithonieuws van voor de
    vakantie) wachtten we in spanning af of er dit jaar nog jongen zouden
    uitvliegen. En jawel, eind juni klauterden er toch nog drie jongen uit
    de kast. De nieuwe pa leekt de taken naadloos te hebben over genomen.
    Tot onze grote vreugde bivakkeerden de jongen na een maandje ook af en
    toe in onze notenboom. Ze zaten lekken te dutten, maar toen ik het
    geluid van een muis nadeed ( jazeker, dat kan ik!) keken ze verbaasd
    naar beneden en op dat moment drukte ik af. Gevolg een wereldplaat,
    twee jonge bosuilen die me super verbaasd aankijken. De derde, die er
    de voorkeur aan gaf alleen te zitten, kon ik ook nog vastleggen. Dus
    hierbij presenteer ik u, met gepaste trots, de nieuwe generatie bosuil
    2014! Pa (of Ma) zat ook in de notenboom, dus die mag ook mee!


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