‘British government cover-up of CIA torture flights’

This video from the USA says about itself:

22 November 2007

The CIA has a travel agent! Jeppesen Corp.

part of Boeing corporation

of San Jose plans the logistics for torture flights. We just had to drop by and say hello.

It seems the British government is not only covering up its child abuse scandals

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Lost rendition files ‘smack of cover-up

Friday 11th July 2014

LEGAL action charity Reprieve said yesterday the Foreign Office’s excuse for losing records of US rendition flights passing through the British territory of Diego Garcia “smacked of a cover-up.”

The then foreign secretary Jack Straw told MPs in 2006 there was no evidence the US had used any British overseas territory in the rendition of alleged terror suspects.

But two years later, the then incumbent David Miliband disclosed that the US had since admitted it had used Diego Garcia for the refuelling of rendition flights on two occasions in 2002, apparently without informing Britain.

All-party parliamentary group on extraordinary rendition chairman Tory MP Andrew Tyrie cornered Foreign Office Minister Mark Simmonds over a list of flights which passed through Diego Garcia from January 2002 to January 2009. Mr Simmonds told MPs that only “limited records” for 2002 were available due to “water damage.”

Reprieve director Cori Crider said: “The government might as well have said the dog ate its homework. This smacks of a cover-up. It now needs to come clean about how, when and where this evidence was lost.”

Diego Garcia: Investigation into Government complicity in CIA programme is ‘expedient on grounds of national security’, says senior MP: here.

14 thoughts on “‘British government cover-up of CIA torture flights’

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  2. Watching Australian TV, late or early morning when few viewers would be looking at programs such as the BBC, from London, I have never seen any presenters of the BBC,on torture and the the implications of the British Government, the complacent self indulged attitude of these presenters is overwhelming to me, I am uncertain as to what fears of the BBC, politics, as funded by British taxpayers and the commentaries that are disturbing to viewers of a well settled society and any critique of this culture may well be to much for the sensitivities of a upright civilized society of the perfected self righteous people that cannot afford the boat to be rocked.


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