United States spies helped kill US citizens in Chile

This video from the USA is called Was U.S. Journalist Charles Horman Killed by Chile’s Coup Regime With Aid of His Own Government? 1/2.

And this video is the sequel.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

US intelligence ‘played role’ in Chile executions

Tuesday 1st July 2014

UNITED States military intelligence played a key role in the 1973 executions of two US citizens in Chile, a judge ruled late on Monday.

Judge Jorge Zepeda said that former US naval Captain Ray E Davis had given information to Chilean officials about journalist Charles Horman and student Frank Teruggi that led to their arrest.

They were executed just days after the 1973 coup that overthrew president Salvador Allende, bringing General Augusto Pinochet to power.

Mr Zepeda also upheld the decision to charge retired Chilean Colonel Pedro Espinoza with the murders and former civilian counterintelligence agent Rafael Gonzalez as an accomplice in Mr Horman’s murder.

Cpt Davis commanded the US military mission in Chile at the time of the US-backed coup and was investigating US citizens thought to be “subversives and radicals.”

He and the two Chileans were charged in 2011, but Cpt Davis died in Santiago last year before being found.

A Chilean court issued a ruling Monday that the commander of US military forces in Chile played a pivotal role in the murder of two US citizens following the September 1973 coup that overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende and installed General Augusto Pinochet as dictator: here.

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