GoPro wildlife films Top 10

This underwater video is called GoPro Surprise Wildlife Encounter, by Mike Gil. It is #10 in the Wildlife Extra Top 10.

From Wildlife Extra:

Top 10 GoPro wildlife films

Our round up of the best hand-held mini-wildlife documentaries

One of the major advances in amateur wildlife film-making has been the arrival of the portable GoPro camera, allowing wildlife enthusiasts without the big budgets to make their own hand-held mini wildlife documentaries. Here is our selection of some of the best we’ve managed to track down…

1. Wildlife of the Masai Mara, by James Muir

2. Project New Zealand, by Robert M. Lehmann & Dr Ingrid N. Visser

3. Lions: the new endangered species?

4. Giraffe kick, by Chris Barnard

5. Diving with ocean hounds, by Sam Stewart and Kelly Smith

6. Lost in jellyfish lake, by Nana Trongratanawong

7. Seal belly rub, by Jason Neilus

8. Leopard meets GoPro, by Kruger Sightings

9. Crystal manatees, by William Drumm


3 thoughts on “GoPro wildlife films Top 10

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