Crab helps to find lost GoPro camera

This video from England says about itself:

7 July 2016

So this happened. We decided to go fishing and with the first cast of the night my sister’s (Madeline Rose’s) fishing rod pulls up a GoPro camera! I have made this video public so that it can be shared around so that hopefully the SD card and camera can be returned to its rightful owner! The date of the original footage was 13/08/15 and it was found on 05/07/16.

By Ed Mazza:

Crab Finds Lost GoPro, Takes Awesome Underwater Selfie

Say cheese!

07/11/2016 04:54 am ET

It’s a shellfish selfie.

A family fishing in England last week caught a GoPro that was lost for nearly a year. While the camera itself no longer worked, the SD card inside was just fine.

And it turned up one gem of a selfie.

Dan Rose, who discovered the camera, posted the clip online in hopes of locating the owner. The clip went viral so quickly that the owner was found within 14 hours, he wrote in the comments.

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