New jellyfish species discovered near Venice

This video is about the new jellyfish species, discovered near Venice.

From Wildlife Extra:

New jellyfish species found

A bloom of new yellow jellyfish, which started appearing in the Gulf of Venice in their thousands last autumn, have proved to be a new species, say scientists from the University of Salento.

The jellyfish belongs within the genus Pelagia and has been named Pelagia benovici. It is similar to the Pelagia noctiluca, also known as the mauve stinger for its purple glow and stinging abilities

It was quite a surprising find in the North Adriatic as these waters are one of the most one of the most investigated areas of the world and it is impossible for such a conspicuous jellyfish with large population numbers to have remained unnoticed until now say scientists, who think it was probably introduced to the area in the ballast water of ships in the 1980s.

The scientific description of this new species is here.

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