Comedian Russell Brand will address London anti-austerity demonstration

This video is called A Brand new politics: Russell Brand interview with Mehdi Hasan.

By Luke James in Britain:

Russell Brand to address People’s Assembly

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Comedian will join anti-austerity rally outside Parliament

Outspoken comedian Russell Brand will rally huge crowds outside Parliament at a People’s Assembly rally to demand an alternative to austerity.

Mr Brand told his over seven million-strong army of Twitter followers on Sunday that he would join the march to Westminster on Saturday June 21.

“I’m going to speak at this (yes, I’d like a medal),” he announced in trademark fashion.

The message was shared hundreds of times and dozens of fans wrote back to say they would join the rally to listen to him speak.

His support will boost the People’s Assembly’s efforts to reach-out to disengaged young people whose opportunities are being robbed from them by Tory austerity.

Mr Brand admitted in October he did not vote because he was “utterly disenchanted by politics.”

His commitment to join the grassroots People’s Assembly movement is his first intervention in politics since then.

People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn heralded the “fantastic news” as a sure sign that “there’s real potential for this mobilisation to be massive.”

“The demonstration needs to be massive. People are suffering more than ever,” he said.

“The People’s Assembly is building a genuine coalition, uniting people from a broad range of political views, organisations and backgrounds, and taking action together.

“That’s the only way we can stop austerity.

“Russell will be joining tens of thousands of people from across the country.”

The march assembles at 1pm at BBC headquarters in Portland Place before finishing with a rally including Mr Brand at Parliament.

This video from Britain in 2013 shows Brand’s fellow comedian Mark Steel at a People’s Assembly meeting.

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13 thoughts on “Comedian Russell Brand will address London anti-austerity demonstration

  1. Pity the People’s Assembly can’t attract enough disenchanted MP’s to create a new Political Party. If they had a manifesto about getting rid of austerity measures, paying for it by ensuring that firms that gain profit in the UK pay tax on it (Yes Starbucks I mean you), abandoned the idea of replacing polaris or any other nuclear missile, and perhaps placed a higher rate of tax on the big earners, promised a genuine referendum on leaving Europe, abandoning the worst of the adopted EU laws and prevented non-refugee immigrants from plundering the benefits system there would be plenty of votes for them.


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