Russell Brand against British austerity policy

This video from Britain is called Cut warfare not welfare – People’s Assembly 22 June 2013.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Russell Brand: People’s Assembly will bring down pro-austerity governments

Thursday 1st May 2014

Russell Brand warned MPs yesterday that the People’s Assembly “will bring down any government that doesn’t end austerity” as he pledged to support the huge national demonstration on June 21.

The famed comedian and activist will join tens of thousands on the London march and rally, where he says he will attack the government’s “toxic swindle.”

He said: “People can organise a fairer, more just society than they can.

“The People’s Assembly will bring down any government that doesn’t end austerity.

“Austerity means keeping all the money among people who have loads of it. This is the biggest problem we face today.”

Activists from 100 local assemblies across Britain are now organising coaches and trains to get people to the protest, joined by trade unions and campaign groups.

The march will begin outside BBC headquarters in protest at its lack of coverage of anti-austerity actions before heading for Parliament Square, where Mr Brand will join other speakers calling for millions to join people’s assemblies across Britain.

“Make no mistake, these cuts are killing people and destroying cherished public services which have served generations,” People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn said.

“Alongside May Day demonstrations in memory of the legendary Bob Crow, who helped launch the People’s Assembly, and Tony Benn, who was Assembly president when he died, we are now turning up the heat on Cameron and Clegg.”

Tickets are now on sale for a People’s Assembly comedy benefit at the Hammersmith Apollo on July 7, available from

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