19 thoughts on “Greek workers fight disastrous austerity policies

  1. I have great sympathy for the Greeks. Their Government got them into this mess and now penalises them to get out of it. Having a right wing government now won’t help as they’ll not have mercy when it comes to applying rules.
    I’d like to see the return of King Constantine with an elected left wing government working on increasing tourism. If the palaces were opened then I’m sure many people would want to visit which could help the economy considerably.

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  3. GREECE: German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid a flying visit to Athens yesterday, but didn’t see any of the protests mounted against the austerity her country was instrumental in visiting on Greece.

    Police banned protests across central Athens and threw a cordon around the whole area manned by some 5,000 police.

    Opposition party Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras said Ms Merkel would get no sense of the austerity measures she supported.

    “I encourage her to visit a hospital and witness the third world conditions… or a school where teachers try to cope with underfed children,” he wrote.


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  8. Greek cleaning women protest outside Finance ministry

    Female cleaners suspended from their jobs in various regions of the country have been holding an ongoing protest outside the Greek Finance ministry building in Athens for the past few months. Their jobs have been suspended since September last year but on May 18 they will be permanently laid off.

    They have appealed to the PanHellenic Federation of Employees in Public Financial Services to step up support for them. They made an appeal for wider support: “We urge citizens, unions, women’s organizations, young people, men of letters, arts and sciences, to join their voices with our own voice.”


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