Big London anti-austerity demonstration tomorrow

This video from London, England is called The People’s Assembly Against Austerity – Activist Meeting 10th June 2014.

By Luke James in Britain:

People’s Assembly march to ‘spark summer of mass action’

Friday 20th June 2014

TOMORROW’S giant People’s Assembly Against Austerity demonstration will light the fuse on an explosive summer of strikes and protests, anti-cuts activists predicted yesterday.

People of all stripes have backed the march to Parliament Square and following mass anti-austerity festival, from grass-roots campaigners to comedian Russell Brand.

Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsey German said it is just the start of a concerted campaign to fend off the attacks on Britain’s poorest launched by Chancellor George Osborne from “planet Downing Street.”

A two-million strong strike on July 10 which teachers‘ union NUT confirmed it would join yesterday, a new Jarrow march for jobs, a massive anti-Nato demonstration in September and the TUC’s rally in October are just a handful of the actions planned.

“All of these things show there is a growing resistance to the criminal things this government is doing,” Ms German said.

“And we think Saturday will mark the beginning of a new, big campaign that can begin to change government policy.”

Speaking at a press conference in Parliament yesterday, Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn challenged the media to listen to the tens of thousands of people expected to take part.

He told journalists: “I’m looking forward to a very big march and demonstration on Saturday.

“I hope the media will give at least a fair hearing to the alternative point of view and not swallow this nonsense that the economy is improving and living standards are improving when they are not.”

Mr Corbyn said the surging support for the People’s Assembly showed the Labour Party “that a more radical approach would actually reap much greater political rewards.”

Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman said he would press other council leaders “to say ‘no more’ to cuts.”

The independent, recently re-elected after his first five-year term, said the council had “absorbed” £130 million worth of cuts over the last four years but the £70m planned for the next two would hack away at vital services.

“Enough is enough. I urge people to join the march.”

SCOTTISH anti-austerity activists yesterday sent solidarity greetings to the huge People’s Assembly demonstration in London and revealed their own packed calendar of resistance: here.

ANGLICAN monks will join today’s massive march against austerity in London today in protest at the “greed and selfishness” of the Con-Dem coalition: here.

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