Dutch priest murdered in Syria

This video from Syria, in Arabic, says about itself:

Wake up Call: Frans van der Lugt s.j./S.O.S.from Homs

January 27th 2014

Jesuit Father Frans Van Der Lugt does an emergency call from his church in Homs.

That day was [supposed] to enable and agree to Red Cross aid to women and children to leave the city. That didn’t seem to be fulfilled.

The last contact of the father with the home front would have been a week before Jan. 27. The date of the recording is not exactly known.

He talks about hunger and that it is the case that adults find street food for their children, he says: it may not be true that the world does nothing. We want to live!

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Dutch priest killed in Syria

Update: Monday 7 May 2014, 13:37

Dutch Father Frans van der Lugt (75) was shot dead this morning in the Syrian city of Homs. The order of Jesuits [Van der Lugt’s order] said he was dragged away from his home by armed men. They have beaten him and then shot him in the head.

Van der Lugt gave several interviews in recent months, in which he said he was determined to stay in the country. He was concerned about the dire situation in the country and said that people needed urgent help.

The father lived for nearly 50 years in a monastery in Homs, where he housed people with disabilities.

This NOS TV Internet item does not mention, though the NOS TV news broadcast did, that a NOS correspondent said that Van der Lugt’s murderers may have been either pro-government or pro-opposition fighters in the Syrian civil war. The correspondent thought they were probably on the opposition side.

UPDATE: according to Dutch daily De Telegraaf, Van der Lugt’s murderers were members of the Al-Nusra Front, an armed opposition group, linked to Al-Qaeda.

Van der Lugt wrote critically abou the armed opposition.

United States weapons for Syrian opposition: here.

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4 thoughts on “Dutch priest murdered in Syria

  1. Such unnecessary savagery. I don’t happen to share the priests beliefs but he was certainly trying to do good there. I doubt he was killed for trying to convert people to Christianity despite his Jesuit vows and the fact he was trying to help get food to people make his murder all the more puzzling. May he rest in peace.
    xxx Mega Hugs xxx


    • I read that Van der Lugt’s Muslim neighbours last year helped him to clean the church to make it possible for Christians to celebrate Easter.


      No, he was not trying to make converts.

      The Al-Nusra front, his killers as far as we may suspect now, many of whom are non-Syrians, hate everyone who does not agree with their ultra-orthodox brand of Sunni Islam. Yet like other al-Qaeda-ish groups, they sometimes get support from CIA, Pentagon, corporate media, etc. (like in Afghanistan in the 1980s, Libya in 2011, etc.) . This alternates with times when people who have nothing to do with Al-Qaeda are dragged off by CIA, Pentagon, etc. to Guantanamo Bay or other torture jails as part of the supposed “global war on terror” against Al-Qaeda.


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