Costa Rican bird photos

Rufous-collared sparrow, 14 March 2014

This is a photo of a rufous-collared sparrow, from 14 March 2014, in Alajuela, Costa Rica.

I must apologize to my readers for the somewhat chaotic order of my blog posts on Costa Rica.

After writing about 15 March, I now go back to 14 March bird photos, taken in Alajuela. Here come some pictures of birds on a flowering tree.

Rufous-tailed hummingbird, 14 March 2014

First, a rufous-tailed hummingbird.

Rose-breasted grosbeaks, female and male

Then, two rose-breasted grosbeaks, a female and male. They spend the winter here, away from their native North America.

Tropical kingbird, 14 February 2014

While this tropical kingbird stays here all year.

Hoffmann's woodpecker, 14 March 2014

In the same tree, a Hoffmann’s woodpecker (also pictured here).

Baltimore oriole male, 14 March 2014

Finally, from the same flowering tree, a male Baltimore oriole, wintering here, nesting in North America.

Turkey vulture, 14 March 2014

A turkey vulture, flying around.

Masked tityra male, 14 March 2014

Finally, a male masked tityra.

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