Costa Rican butterflies and birds, 14 March

Postman butterfly, 14 March 2014

Still 14 March in Costa Rica. After the Baltimore oriole and the red-tailed squirrel, we saw this beautiful butterfly. It is a postman.

Before this butterfly, we had already seen an orchid bee.

And two red-tailed squirrels in a tree.

Many blue and white swallows.

Hoffmann's woodpecker

Then, a male Hoffmann’s woodpecker, cleaning its feathers on a tree.

A masked tityra in another tree.

Then, the postman butterfly, already mentioned. And its relative, a zebra longwing.

Rufous-collared sparrow

Then, two rufous-collared sparrows.

In a treetop, a great kiskadee and a hummingbird.

Blue and grey tanager

Blue and grey tanagers.

A buff-throated saltator.

A tropical kingbird.

Finally, a rose-breasted grosbeak.

Stay tuned, as there will be much more on Costa Rican wildlife on this blog.

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13 thoughts on “Costa Rican butterflies and birds, 14 March

  1. Ohhhh…now you are making me homesick. I love the little blues. We are visiting there this week! Can’t wait to see my monkeys again too. So much beautiful wildlife in one small country.


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