10 thoughts on “Australian government appoints climate science denialist

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  2. Tony Abbott, has stated his concern for Australia, is open for business, the present government is for a business run country, it requires money constantly from overseas investors, I once put the question of how much wealth has been extracted from the beginning of occupancy of British colonization? to a lecturer on economics, naturally the question fell outside the normal politically correct questions, she replied their are no figures for this, the wealth generated here has been enormous, for in the main overseas finance, the climate of this country is the politicians who run the country is to gain personal wealth as a priority, the general population are more or less interested in hedonistic pursuits, I would venture to say the Australian psyche, is very defensive on any serious critique, in the country town here in Australia, is noted for prescription drugs and also illegal drugs, it is well known that regional towns drugs are a general problem, as you would know in the East End of London, alcohol was a normal outlet for suffering, here you would have to multiply the East End to the whole of Australia, I am referring to the inner world of the Australian, this is why Pilger and Assange, left Australia, long ago, Australia is notable for its virtue of lagging behind, of what is going on outside Australia, this is why intellectuals and artists flee from this culture, any one here who is or has exceptional ability , will be destroyed, this is the tall poppy syndrome at work, exceptions of those having the individual excellence, will be dealt with, and reveals guilt of the Australian person, who is subject to some extent trapped within its history of race identification, and on not becoming, authentic, those who embark on a pursuit of excellence, will be assailed by the hungry, and recreated as the mediocre.


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  5. Climate Change Denial – Jimmy Dore told his 80,000 YouTube subscribers that this exchange between Congressman Grayson and Congressman Rohrabacher at a Congressional hearing on “clean coal” on Wednesday is “the best comeback ever” on that subject. Listen:

    Rep. Grayson: We’re talking about air pollution, in the form of carbon dioxide emissions. No company that produces energy in the United States has any incentive to limit its own air pollution, unless we create an incentive for it. . . . It’s dreaming to think that it’s going to happen through the “free market,” when the free market has every incentive to continue to pollute, as much as it wants.

    Rep. Rohrabacher: It’s about CO2, it’s not about “air pollution.” . . . Pollution is something that endangers human life, endangers the health of human beings. . . . It’s all based on the [false] idea that CO2 is heating our planet. . . . There are hundreds of scientists who do not believe that the global warming theory based on CO2 heating our planet is correct. . . . I don’t accept the fact that CO2 in any way causes human health problems. . . . Trying to base our operations on the CO2 theory of global warming is in no way justified.

    Rep. Grayson: If [Congressman Rohrabacher] thinks that carbon dioxide doesn’t cause any human health problems, I invite him to put a plastic bag over his head, tie it tightly around his neck, and see what happens next.


    Who speaks for the trees? Alan Grayson does.


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