Israeli soldiers punished for dancing peacefully with Palestinians

This video from Palestine is called Israeli soldiers dance to Gangnam Style at Palestinian wedding.

From Associated Press:

Hebron style: Israeli soldiers’ dance with Palestinians angers top brass

Gangnam Style remix causes moment of K-pop unity in West Bank as video shows patrol group joining dance hall party

Associated Press in Jerusalem

Thursday 29 August 2013 08.27 BST

A group of Israeli soldiers has danced up a storm of criticism after they were filmed boogying alongside Palestinians while on patrol in the West Bank.

The soldiers were making their rounds in the city of Hebron when they entered a dance hall and joined dozens of Palestinian men dancing to South Korean rapper Psy’s hit Gangnam Style.

The Israeli military said on Thursday that it considers the incident serious, adding “the soldiers exposed themselves to unnecessary danger and were disciplined accordingly,” without elaborating.

Footage aired on Israeli Channel 2 TV shows the solders in uniform, flak jackets and carrying guns.

One was shown hoisted on the shoulders of Palestinian dancers. Other soldiers joined hands and grooved with the partygoers. The channel said the incident occurred on Monday.

Hebron has been a flashpoint of violence between Israelis and Palestinians for decades.

So, these Israeli soldiers were punished for peaceful acts. While, on the other hand, Israeli soldiers committing violence against Palestine civilians, including children

These Israeli soldiers and these Palestinians in Hebron gave an example of non-violence which the whole Middle East and the whole world should follow.

Please, Psy, if you happen to read Dear Kitty. Some blog: then, please take the first plane from Korea to Hebron. Organize the biggest dance party ever there. Invite all Palestinians who were at that wedding. Invite all Israeli soldiers who were at that wedding. Invite all Israeli soldiers and Israeli civilians who want peace. Invite all Palestinians who want peace. Let peace spread throughout the whole world from Hebron.

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16 thoughts on “Israeli soldiers punished for dancing peacefully with Palestinians

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  3. POLICE: A police officer who made national headlines when he organised a spoof video of hit pop song Gangnam Style has been sacked for gross misconduct.

    Sergeant Gary Watts, who served with Devon and Cornwall Police, was dismissed following a disciplinary hearing on Monday.

    He used Twitter — of which he is a prolific user — profess his anger over the “complete bollocks” decision.

    His account @surfchilled is now unavailable.


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